Gräce is a new band put together by singer Isra Dante Ramos, undoubtedly one of the most prolific and versatile vocalists, composers and producers in recent Spanish metal history. The debut album by his group, Hope, is out on 10th June, with a first single and video from it entitled Atreyu available from now. “After more than 20 years working in music, I am really happy and proud to now be part of Frontiers Records. It is a gift and reward for my bandmates and I for which we are very grateful,” says Ramos. “Gräce is a very important project for me, a new adventure that I consider fresh and liberating and that allows me to express myself in a personal way. After many years within the more traditional metal framework, I wanted to enter a more experimental style, something embracing melodic metal and electronic elements with other different flavours that I wish to explore.”

Genre Hard Rock