Although its n undeniable fact that the UK isn t the natural habitat of AOR and its melodic off-shoots, a number of very fine British acts have plied their trade in that particular field. Amongst their number we can list FM, Strangeways, Airrace, Shy, and a handful of others. One name that is sadly seldom mentioned but is just as worthy of consideration is that of Rio. Less a band and more of a studio project consisting of vocalist and guitarist Jon Neill and Steve Rodford (son of Argent bassist Jim Rodford) on Bass, Keyboards and drums, Their debut album, which you now hold in your grateful hands, is widely considered to be one of the very best AOR albums to have ever surfaced outside of the USA, and one cursory listen is all that is needed to convince the listener that this is indeed the case. This was how Rio sounded for a brief but glorious period in those long off and much missed 80 s

Genre Hard Fm / Aor