Swedish Erotica
The band was started in 1985 under the name "Swedish Beauty" by the members Magnus Axx (Axelsson, guitar), Ken "Ulf" Sandin (bass), Dag Ingebrigtsen, a former vocalist of the Norwegian band TNT, Dan Stomberg, a former guitarist in Madison, and drummer Magnus Nybratt. Stomberg was quickly replaced by Anders Allhage on guitar, best known as Andy La Rocque, guitarist of King Diamond since 1985 and who also played briefly with Death and Megadeth. This line-up played on a Norwegian album of Christmas themed rock songs with various vocalists: "The Grønne Glitrende 3 Og Dag". Nybratt then left the band and was replaced by Jamie Borger from Treat on drums. This line-up was not able to secure a record deal but Magnus Axx did not give up, changed the band name and hired new musicians.

Genre Glam Rock / Metal