The band was formed in 1997 called NEVERWOOD by Attila Tanczer (keyboards) and Viktor Erdos (bass) from the present line-up but the first important results are from July of 1999. ... so the show started in our childhood. After the continuos changes, the line-up was stabilized in 2000 when Johnny Debreczi (vocals/guitars), Tamas Rabel (drums) and Ferenc Farkas (guitars) joined and we played many succesful gigs. We finished our first demo CD entitled Újjászületés (Immortality) in February of 2001 with three songs. Comparing with our present style the music on this demo is closer to the hard rock and the structures of the songs are simplier but we already tried to reach the best sound and the highest quality of the lay-out. In May of 2001 we had to part with Johnny. In the next term of time Viktor did the vocals. We had many concerts again accompanied by such metal groups as STAINLESS STEEL and ÁRNYAK. We joined Dying Wish and Da Capo at their Perpetuum Morbide Tour in the Spring of 2002. After more than one year we met Balazs "Balu" Koncz who proved that he is the best replacement for the vocals!

Genre Progressive Metal