Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter was a German glam band formed from the ashes of Vamp who were from munich. They should be involved on the vamp album „The Rich Don´t Rock“ who was released in 1989, i have it but i can say that they definitely don´t have anything to do with them…..Insider know Helter Skelter for sure. They just realeased the album „Welcome To The World Of Helter Skelter“ in 1988. Much whirls around them was not, you knew them as a „Party-Glamband“ from munich and like a breath in the wind were they fast ageain disappeared by the projection surface. The quartett Chris Strobl (gesang), Cassy Kissler (gitarre), Helmut Zeiler (bass) and Fredl Zech (schlagzeug) were probably more inspired by Mötley Crue than the Beatles. The most people saw them as joke figure.

Genre Glam Rock / Metal