Condemned is a brutal death metal band from California, USA. They formed in 2004 by Forrest Stedt (Drums, Cephalotripsy, Viral Load) and Steve Crow (Guitars) reharshing on a few ideas. Soon after old friend Paul Hickey (Bass) was added and thus the line up was completed. They started to rehearse and wirting material of low tuned gutiars, catchy hooks, low guttural vocals and blasting drums to their music. In July 2005, the band added second guitarist Chris Ben-Judah (Guitars) and were looking for a proper vocalist. As the self-released demo "Mass Burial" was released with Crow doing Guitar/Vocals the band were looking with a vocalist with the same guttural expertese. They found Angel Ochoa (Vocals) after being contacted by him from their demo. They released Mass Burial again with Angel on vocals and the demo spread out fast and created a good name for them in the brutal death metal scene.

United StatesUnited States
Genre Death Metal