The band was founded in Sande, a small place in the Northern part of Germany near Wilhemshaven, in June '83. At the time, there were plenty of new bands filling up the scene in Germany. FACT had already been playing the youth clubs in and around Wilhelmshaven. Just for fun. When they saw all these German metal bands had been releasing good selling albums, they decided to record a six track demo tape also and shop it around to the record labels. The tape, recorded in February 1984, was send to independent labels and got a lot of good reactions. The only reason, the band didn't get signed, was due to the fact they sounded far too much like ACCEPT. Although this band was very successful all over the world, nobody was really waiting for an exact copy of this band from Sollingen. Except for Axel Thubeauville from Eartshaker Records (which was a division of Mausoleum Records), who was interested in signing the band. Through him, they received green light to record their debut album "As a Matter of.... FACT". And in September 1984, their debut album was released.

Genre Heavy Metal